6th Session of the HIST Governing Board Meeting held in Beijing


      The HIST Governing Board met for its 6th session on March 14, 2017 at the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI) headquarters in Beijing. Dr. Ozlem Adiyaman Lopes, representing the Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences of UNESCO, was elected as the temporary chairperson by the board members in the absence of Prof. Ding Zhongli, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

      Professor Guo Huadong, Director of HIST welcomed the board members and observers and spoke about the significant milestone of 6 years which HIST has crossed. He expressed optimism at the road ahead for HIST with the involvement of young scientists and work on projects under the Digital Belt and Road initiative (DBAR), which is being spearheaded by RADI, which is the host institution of HIST. He also spoke about the DBAR-Heritage working group and stressed that world heritage conservation is one of the most pressing issues which needs to be dealt with. 

     The summary report of the DBAR-Heritage academic exchange seminar and project launch ceremony was provided by Ms Archana Jayaraman from HIST. Dr Ozlem then provided a briefing on UNESCO’s evaluation on HIST’s performance over the past 6 years, which was done with four indicators. The Annual Report of HIST for 2016 was presented by Prof Hong Tianhua, Executive Deputy Director and Secretary General of HIST. He enumerated the completed projects and activities and laid out a road map for future action. The Board further held a discussion on the Biennial Work Plan and the Mid Term Strategic Plan. Closing remarks were made by Dr. Ozlem and the minutes were revised and adopted by the board. 

Prof Guo and Chairperson Dr. Lopes
Board meeting in progress
Attendees in a discussion 
Board members and observers