Director Guo Huadong meet with the UNESCODirector-General Irina Bokova


The 28th “Chinese National Commission for UNESCO” (CNC) Conference was hosting in Hangzhou on May 14. The 28 institution members of the committees in China and the UNESCO’s category II centers had sent representatives to this conference. The Director of International Centre on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage under the Auspices of UNESCO (short for HIST), Mr. Guo Huadong, and the Deputy Director of HIST, Mr. Hong Tianhua, had been invited to attend this conference.

The host of this conference was the CNC’s Secretary-General, Mr. Du Yue. The UNESCO Director-General, Irina Bokova, the Deputy Ministry of Education of China and the Director of the CNC were attended this conference and made speeches. They were highly valuing the corporation between each other, satisfied with the current performance, and made further forecast to the future corporations. The representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and other Ministries described their corporation status with UNESCO. The Counselor of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mr. Ren Yisheng; the Director of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO, Mr. Zhu Wenxi; the Deputy Director of the International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED) Mr. Wang Li, and other representatives made speeches during the conference.

After the conference, Dr. Guo Huadong had a meeting with the Director-General Irina Bokova. He briefly described the current developing condition of HIST and invited the Director-General to come to HIST on a proper time; Irina Bokova accepted the invitation happily.

Dr. Guo Huadong and Irina Bokova

Group Photo