Director-General and CEO of Zhongkun Investment Group Agree to Support Sustainable Development at Wo


On 28 June, the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, and Mr. Huang Nubo, Founder and CEO of the Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group, signed a one Million Dollars’ partnership agreement to support the Organization’s work on the development of World Heritage Sustainable Tourism during a ceremony at UNESCO’s Headquarters.
“I wish to thank you for combining your entrepreneurship with your enthusiasm and passion for culture, literature and heritage thereby supporting UNESCO’s efforts,” said Irina Bokova, stressing the importance of balancing economic development with the safeguarding of World Heritage. “This agreement goes exactly in that sense. UNESCO is proud of counting you as part of its Family.”

Deeply committed to the safeguarding of cultural and natural heritage, Huang Nubo is also an accomplished poet, an enthusiastic explorer and experienced mountain climber. On 17 May, he climbed Mt Everest for the third time. From the summit, he raised the UNESCO logo, took off his oxygen mask and appealed to the world to protect the planet and support UNESCO’s mission. “As an entrepreneur who has benefitted from globalization, I feel it is my duty to support society for what it has given to me” he added.

“UNESCO is committed to eradicate poverty, to promote sustainable development, to accelerate intercultural dialogue and help to create knowledge societies,” he said on that occasion. “My message from the highest point of earth is that UNESCO can contribute to assist all countries in pursuing these noble goals.”