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First Call for Papers – proposed Routledge Book on “Sustainable Development Goals: I...


Version 1:

First Call for Papers – proposed Routledge Book* on
“Sustainable Development Goals:
Implementing the 2030 agenda for global transformation”

Maharaj Vijay Reddy, Natarajan Ishwaran, Arab Hoballah and Srikantha Herath

Abstract Submission: 200 words by 31st January 2016
Submission of Full Chapters: 5000 words by 31st May 2016

For queries related to this first comprehensive book on SDGs, please contact us via Email:
vijay.reddy@anglia.ac.uk; n.ishwaran@radi.ac.cn; arab.hoballah@unep.org; herath@unu.edu

*Disclaimer: This will be a joint book by the editors and not an official publication of the above institutions.