Nanchang Base of International Centre on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage under the Auspices of UNESCO (HIST-NB) was established in March 2019 relying on Jiangxi Normal University. Supported by space information technology, the monitoring, protection and management of natural and cultural heritage, biosphere reserves and geoparks in East China will be carried out to contribute to the sustainable development of the listed heritage.

Organization Structure

There are four departments: Natural Heritage Department, Cultural Heritage Department, Comprehensive Service Department and Office Department.

Target task

HIST-NB gives full play to its research advantages in characteristic fields, uses space technology to carry out the monitoring, protection and management of natural and cultural heritage in East China, and applies scientific research results to education and training. By providing consulting, technical information and personnel training services, it provides decision-making basis for the monitoring, protection, management and sustainable development of the region's natural and cultural heritage.

Focus areas

Natural heritage

(1)Ecological protection and sustainable development of typical natural heritage sites

Research on the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function is carried out to provide scientific basis for the ecological conservation, ecosystem management and sustainable utilization of forest resources.

Impact assessment of Jinggangchong hydropower station on biodiversity of Jinggangshan National Nature Reserve

(2)The application of space information technology in the protection of natural heritage

Through space technology, the organic combination of wetland and watershed and forest vegetation pattern-coupling of ecological processes-temporal-spatial scale conversion is realized to provide a scientific basis for solving the major global resource and environmental problems facing the future.

Cultural heritage

With the help of spatial information technology, the cultural heritage is digitized, 3D modeled and virtual reproduced, which provides the basis for the digital heritage of cultural heritage data and heritage repair and reconstruction.

Aerial photogrammetry and 3D data collection of ancient villages

The Smart Meizhou Summit Forum with the theme of “Science and Technology, Tourism and Mazu Culture”

Biosphere reserve

Monitoring and protection of biodiversity and ecological processes shall be carried out in view of biosphere reserve to realize the protection of ecosystem and biodiversity and promote the development function of sustainable utilization of resources.

Key tasks

Through the application of space technology, the monitoring, protection, utilization, promotion, training and management of the natural and cultural heritage and biosphere reserves in East China are carried out to achieve the sustainable development of natural and cultural heritage.

Scientific research and monitoring

Space technology is used to construct remote sensing images and environmental databases of key natural and cultural heritage to realize integrated monitoring and integrated management of spatial data of heritage sites.

Scientific protection

Through real-time monitoring and scientific research on the sky, space and land of the heritage site, the best assessment method of the heritage is explored, which provides scientific basis for the protection of the heritage and realizes the maximum protection of the heritage resources.

Rational utilization

Through the development of spatial information technology, scientific popularization, education, scientific research, and industrialization of natural and cultural heritage can be achieved to realize the organic combination and mutual promotion of heritage protection and utilization, and realize sustainable use based on protection.

Publicity and training

By strengthening the education and training of the talent team, the ability to apply space technology and scientific analysis is enhanced to provide technical support for the protection of natural and cultural heritage.

Scientific management

Through reasonable evaluation and monitoring methods, long-term effective supervision and management of key heritage sites is achieved to provide constructive opinions and decision-making basis for management departments.

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