Jiuzhaigou Workstation

Based on JiuzhaigouWorld HeritageAdministration, Jiuzhaigou Workstation of International Centre on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage under the Auspices of UNESCO (HIST-JZW) was established in October 2020.The target is to use space information technology to carry out protection, management, monitoring and display of Jiuzhaigou World Heritage, andcontribute to the sustainable development of Jiuzhaigou.

Organization Structure

There are five departments: Scientific Research Department, Conservation Department, Information Technology Department,GeneralOffice, Accounting and Finance Department

Target task

HIST-JZWutilizes theresearch advantages,uses space technology tocarry out in-depth research on Jiuzhaigou World Heritage, providing scientific data and opinion for protection, management and monitoring of Jiuzhaigou World Heritage.

Focus areas

World Heritage Site Monitoring and Evaluation

Withintegrated three-dimensional collaborative remote sensing monitoring and research, build a spatial information monitoring system for Jiuzhaigou Natural World Heritage Site, realize integrated monitoring and management of spatial data. Explore the best methods toassess the protection ofJiuzhaigou World Heritage.

Display and utilization of World Heritage

To display and publicize Jiuzhaigou World Heritage withspace information technology, developtourism and nature education toshow the charm of world heritage to the public.

Key tasks

Focusing on the hotspots and difficulties ofJiuzhagiou, HIST-JZW carries out a comprehensive research on protection, management and monitoring torealize sustainable development. 

Protection and management

Through reasonable evaluation and monitoring, Jiuzhaigou World Heritage Site will be supervised and managed effectively in the long term,andprovided constructive and decision-making advice.

Scientific research and cooperation

Develop the cooperation platform forscientific research,on whichHIST-JZW establishes cooperation with domestic and foreign world heritage sites, declares scientific research projects, seeks funding, carries out multi-disciplinary cooperation, and provides scientific reference for protection, management and monitoring of Jiuzhaigou.


Using UAV to collect data inJiuzhaigou World Heritage Site

Personnel training

Strengthen the training of thestaffto enhance the ability to apply space technology and scientific analysis.

postal addressJiuzhaigou Administration, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province

Telephone: 86-0837-7766268